I was surprised that we have gotten another big snowfall in such a short time since the last one. We have had mild winters for a lot of years and I hope this is just an anomaly. I had to work last night when it was snowing and I was exhausted when I got home, working in the snow is really rough for us that are not used to it. I am off till Wednesday and I hope most of it is gone by then. It is beautiful as long as you can stay home and just look at it.

I am worried about my grandson Austin as it seems he does not care about school. How can someone 16 years old in this world not realize how important education is now. Picking the wrong road can make life a long struggle and not as fun or rewarding as it could be. Why are some kids born and always do the right things and others do just the opposite? It’s not that he was not always reminded how important it was to do well and its not like he is ignorant, just wrong in though.I have been working around the house a lot lately, fixed up the spare room by painting, new light fixture, wood laminate flooring and new electrical receptacles and covers. Vernon my son in law laid the floor for me. He might not be such a bad guy after all,lol.

I have a futon coming to put in that room so I can use it as an office/guest/ TV room. I will feel better about my granddaughter Mila staying here upstairs rather than downstairs on sofa when I am in bed. I need to get in the garage and clean it out, it is a disaster now. I don’t know how it gets that way,lol. I hung a new TV in my bedroom and I was surprised that it was really not hard at all to hang. It was harder to run the cords down through walls and under carpet to make it look nice.