Up all night again

I am just up watching movies and washing clothes. I was supposed to be off tomorrow night but got called so will work tomorrow night. I actually need to time away from there but the money always comes in handy to buy stuff. Am I the only one that buys stuff when I am down. I go online and don’t know why but I get some satisfaction when I purchase something for me or my kids. Things around here are just so quiet, I was so tired of quiet that I went to Melinda’s house this evening and you get a good dose of loud over there,lol. Her kids run around everywhere and she has such great dogs, except the little chihuahua that hates me. The bad thing is I gave Melinda the money to buy that little bastard,lol. I tried to get Jennifer to come over and fix me dinner but she was too busy for her Dad, she wanted to clean her house. How do ya like that, she would rather clean house than spend time with me. In her defense though Austin’s girlfriend just moved out and the room was a disaster that they had been sharing. Have not heard from Natalie this week. I had a bad week at work, my work partner was pissed at me all week and gave me the silent treatment. I call it moping actually. Just because I did not agree with him on some work chores. He is going to day work soon and Darren and I am really tired of his behavior lately. Well, that’s about all for this week, pretty boring huh?


Been a long time

It has been a really long time since I have written anything on my blog so I thought at almost 2 in the morning it would be a good thing to fill in what has happened the past year and a few months. First of all the last 4 years or so have been a bit sad as I have lost Uncles, Aunts, friends, brother in law, coworker, Cousin and a friends x wife. That is 11 people in a little over 4 years. My brother in law Gary passes away a few months ago and it broke my sister’s heart, he was only 64. She has 2 broken feet now cause she was cleaning out her attic and fell through, a bad luck banner year for her. My mother is on chemo for ovarian cancer and has been off and on chemo for a year. She is doing well now but when she was in the hospital after the operation she suffered a bout of delirium and was completely crazy. One of the doctors even told my sister that this was the new normal but from everything I read online I knew she had a chance to snap back and snap back she did, right back to normal and maybe a little better than normal,lol. My niece’s husband Chris was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and a year later at 34 has been fighting this battle that also attacked his liver. He is such a healthy looking man and it is so unfair because he is a great guy and a wonderful husband and father. His children and wife will be devastated if he does not win this battle. They say with chemo he will have 3 years left and without it only a year. He is going to the University of NC this week to see if they can help. So you can see the type year that has surrounded my family and friends and maybe understand why I have only been on 1 or 2 dates the last year and a half. We had a surprise birthday party for my sister at her house last week and she was not expecting it at all, being laid up and have a bunch of people walking in singing happy birthday scared the hell out of her,lol. I stay up all night a lot by myself and watch a lot of Netflix, they have a lot of quirky movies and good documentaries. Christmas was nice, all the kids and grandkids were here and the house was really alive, it is usually quiet as a funeral home at midnight. I love to see my 3 daughters open gifts, they still love to open them and laugh at all the goofy things I buy,lol. I gave each of them a jigsaw puzzle of my face,lol. Well, I guess that is enough for now.

March Madness

We had a birthday party this past Sunday for Melinda’s 32nd year and Will’s 27th or 28th, not sure. It was nice to have the loud group over again. As the family gets bigger the Parties become more numerous.
My sleep this weekend was really sporadic and ended up more at night than the daytime again. I missed the whole day today since I could not go to sleep until after 9 this morning. I will be up all night tonight and will finish washing clothes and painting my bathroom vanity cabinet. It used to be that owning a home was a really good thing to do but now I not so sure. After you pay upkeep, insurance and taxes I wonder if owning is really better than renting. If you put the money in saving instead of continually spending on a house would it pile up better than the equity in a home now? I don’t really know but I did read an article not long ago that stated you would end up with more money. I will probably die poor anyway, I believe a good saver actually does less and dies with more and what good is that? My Dad died at 67 cheated out of a retirement so I don’t take it for granted that I will enjoy one myself, hope I do but there is no guarantee.
I read the shortest man in the world died, he was only 21 and his name was Pingping. He was a cute little fellow and I saw he on TV once and he seemed to enjoy his life. Looked funny to see someone that small smoking though.
Melinda called me earlier and told me the big dog they got recently bit Vernon bad enough to go to the hospital to get sewed up. The dog is a South African Mastiff and is one big muther. He would growl at me if he was barricaded in the kitchen but would not if he was in the kitchen. Vernon said he got out and when he did not run back into the house he grabbed him by the collar and that’s when he started biting him on the arms. Time for that dog to go before one of the kids gets eaten.
Well, this has been a good weekend, Mickey did not piss on my refrigerator.

Birthday party

My three girls

My girls and myself

Vernon and Reagan

Baby doll Reagan


Jennifer in Red

The Bunch

The Gang

Austin and his girlfriend

My Mom Anne

Vernon, Melinda and Natalie

Main man Mickey


Well, not a lot has happened lately really. I have spent most of my time off lately working around the house. I remodeled the bathroom in my bedroom and it looks really nice but I still need to replace the floor. I will do that when I put floor in bedroom, I am planning on putting a laminate wood floor in both rooms. I have not been seeing much of my girls lately, I guess they are busy with their own lives. We will get together in the next week for Melinda’s birthday, she will be 32. I will try to remember to add pics after the birthday party. The sun finally came out today but the wind blowing made it cold. I really did not see much of it cause I slept all day. I could not sleep much last night and when daytime came I fell into a good sleep. This night work does screw up my time off. I have not eaten today so I will have to cut this short today.

Football Sunday

It has been a while since I have written anything here because there really has not been a lot to write about. Day before yesterday I picked my youngest, Natalie, up on my bike and she and I and her boyfriend Will went bowling. I was the best bad bowler,lol. We all suck but I sucked best with a high 133,lol. We went to my middle girl’s house, Melinda’s, after bowling and hung out there for a little while. Melinda’s house is always a very busy place with all the kids running around making noise. I wonder if my house was that loud when my girls were little? I am doing the fun job of washing clothes today and I am going to try to make myself wash Mickey today. I did wash my truck yesterday so the day was not completely wasted. Dave sold his truck this morning and I think he let it go way too cheap but at least it is gone. Dave now has his deceased brother’s truck, it was great of Danny’s wife to give Dave the truck Danny drove all the time. That truck means an awful lot to David. Well, the Redskin/Cowboy game is on now so I will watch that unless the cowboys beat us up too bad.


It is hard to believe it is already October, where the heck did the summer go? At least the sun came out this weekend, lately it was like were were living in England with all the clouds all the time. I took the bike out 2 or 3 times so I finally go to ride a little bit, I love the feel of the wind on me when I am riding but when it is cold that is a whole different story.
We had a birthday party for Mila and Jenny but Jenny and Austin got to arguing again and she left early. Mila had a great time and I gave her a printer and a bunch of ink cartridges so she can print all the fun things she can find online. She turned 9 on Saturday and she is a cutie. Love that red hair!!!
I road over to Melinda’s house today and just shot the bull with her and Vernon and watched and played with the kids and animals.
Dave and I watched the Green Bay vs. Minnesota game this past night, what a good game and love it that Brett Favre is still playing so well on the week of his 40th birthday. Love it when the older players still have it and he played a great game.
I felt really good this weekend, you ever have those times when you feel really good and you don’t know why, its like a feeling that something good is happening. I don’t know what it is but I wish I felt like that more often.
I fixed pork chops, microwave mashed potatoes and beans for Dave and I tonight and it was really good. Dave said he will spring for ribs this coming weekend. I go back to work this coming evening (Tuesday) and will be off Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I hope the weather is nice cause I am tired of hanging home so much.
Well, I need to go finish drying and folding clothes, what fun.

cutie pie Regan

cutie pie Regan


Well I guess its been a long time since I have written. My roommate’s twin brother, Danny, died 3 weeks ago and it was very sad and David continues to cry off and on. Danny was one of the good guys and straight as an arrow, makes no sense. A little blood clot after an operation and there goes your life. Hi wife Diane will be lonely and sad a long time and I really would hate to feel the pain she is going through. I got to see him 2 or 3 times this year and I am glad of that.
On a brighter note we had a birthday party for Melinda’s son this past Saturday afternoon. My three girls were all here. along with their kids and a few other people. I really like it when we are all here, I see less of them as the years go by. They have their own lives now and that’s a good thing. I still are alone and sometimes it seems like I will remain like this, it is so hard to find someone you are attracted to physically and mentally when you are not a young person. Dave, Austin and I went to a pier at Virginia Beach a couple of weeks ago, did not catch much but it was fun all the same.
Rode my bike to Charlottesville by myself a week or so ago and took the tour of Monticello. I had never been there and it was very interesting, hard to believe that you could not take pictures in the house. It was a beautiful and was very eerie to stand in the room that Thomas Jefferson died. What a great man he was.
Luck here lately was pretty crappy. First I had forgotten to get my car inspected and when ready to take it the battery was dead so had to buy a new one, then my lawnmower broke down and had to have that fixed, next my new TV had lines in it and I had to call Samsung and they replaced almost the whole set and not long after they left it did the same thing again, damn!!!!! Another thing, I have to stop watching romantic comedies, I get all teary eyed and it is embarrassing, lol.

Last but now at all least I want to remember on this day all the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001 and the lives lost since them in the two wars were are fighting.  Bless our fallen heroes.

3AM Saturday morning

I am up all night again so I though I would write a few words. Yesterday I went to my uncle Wayne’s house to shoot the bull for a couple of hours. He has this great big gun safe with about 16 rifles and 3 handguns and plenty of ammo in there so if anything bad comes down I am heading to his house,lol. Today I went to my Mom’s to spend a little time with her, we watched Fox News the whole time I was there. I rode my motorcycle there, I really have not done enough riding this year. I will include some pics in this blog of some pics taken this week. I was planning on going to a friend of Dave’s in Sussex that has the baby deer but we got canceled out, now I have nothing to do as usual,lol. I do have to do the exciting job of washing clothes. Austin is supposed to come over and cut my grass.  The pics are of my granddaughters Mila and Reagan, grandson Jessie and son in lawVernon.  The cat is Melinda’s and the squirrell is just a friend I saw sneaking up on my front porch.


This weekend I did not sleep right, slept too much and too much off and on. I sure have a hard time getting my life turned around to sleep at night when I am off work. Tonight I went to my middle daughter’s house, Melinda, and picked her up and took her to TGIF’s for dinner and then we went to a movie at the Commonwealth. We saw Sandra Bullock in “Proposal”, a romantic comedy. It was a cute movie and followed an expected path to the couple coming together at the end to give you a tear to your eye. Looks like the economy keeps going farther in the toilet each week, I guess that’s what change is. Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him,lol. Seems like the news is full of murder and is it just me or does it seem like a lot of people killing their family members lately? I go back to work tomorrow evening and I don’t even feel like I have been off really, time whizzed by. I would like to find a cute little filly to go somewhere on vacation soon, I have not been on a vacation in a long time now. Being single is not bad really, except the not having anyone part,lol.


I was just looking through a few pics I took recently and thought I would put some pics on here for all my fans in the world to see,lol. My grandson Austin is here tonight, he likes hanging out here because I have less rules than his parents and he can con me into going to get his girlfriend and taking her home on many occasions. I slept from 9 this morning till almost 3 so I will be up till real late again, I do wish it was easier for me to turn my weekends around, since working at night I want to sleep in the daytime even when I am off and end up too much at night all alone.

My best friend Mickey

My best friend Mickey





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