Mila’s Birthday

I went to Mila’s birthday party yesterday and as usual it is nice to see my daughters and their loved ones. We watched the Redskin game too and I was glad to see the skins win. Mila was a cutie in a blue wig,lol. We had it at my x Barbara’s apartment and we had chicken tenders, pizza, tater tots and other things I cannot remember so I stuff myself,lol. Mila was very happy, I get her a pillow pet penguin that Jennifer told me she wanted and she loved it. I will put some pics of this day and some of the dogs at home too.


August weekend

My nine year old granddaughter Mila stayed with me again Friday night and she is great to have around. We were on the way to Walmart and I asked her if she wanted to get another of her favorite book series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She said YES!! and then said ” you are the best grandpa ever”. She is such a sweet girl and this Papa loves her very much.