Mila and Me

Mila spent the night with me last night and we went to IHOP this morning and then to Maymont Park today. It was a lot of fun but I was exhausted when it was all over. That is one heck of a park to walk around, whew!!!



Well I am up and its only a little after noon,lol. I don’t know what I am going to do today yet but I need to eat soon. I bought a pic online from my KD trip a couple of weeks ago so I will include that on here. I took Mickey in to have a haircut, shampoo and to get his nails cut and he looks like a new dog now. I almost got caught in the rain when I was out on my Suzuki yesterday evening. I drove to Prince George to see my friend Mike and it rained a little while after I got there and I waited it out before I went home but it looked like it could rain any minute on my way home. Pretty broke this week since paying my house and car taxes this past Monday, I hate taxes. I hear our president asked congress for another 50 billion dollars to give to the states and localities, this guy just does not understand that you just cannot spend your way out of trouble. We have no money and our future is already in trouble from all this crazy spending. This has to stop and if congress does not tell him no then they should be replaced as soon as we get the chance. The tax increases in the future are going to be enormous and if he passes the cap and trade our utilities will follow suit. How much more damage will he do before 2012? Well, enough politics. Austin came by and then asked for money so I am hoping to get my grass cut,lol. That’s all for now.

Fun at KD

new haircut

new haircut 2

new haircut 3

new haircut 4

JUNE 1st

I went to King’s Dominion on Friday with my oldest daughter Jennifer and my granddaughter Mila. My grandson Austin and his girlfriend Chelsey met us there too. I rode a bunch of things but by far the most fun were the Intimidator and the Drop Zone. I screamed all the way down the drop zone and the huge hill on the Intimidator. I mean those things are very high and very very fast. I got fuzzy the second time I rode the Intimidator, thought I was going out.

I rode my bike over to my Mom’s house this evening and got caught in the rain for a few minutes, felt like little needles hitting my arms. I have not ridden the bike much this year yet, too much cloudy weather. I cut the grass today but with this rain the weeds will be coming up fast again.

This week we lost Art Linkletter, Dennis Hopper, Gary Coleman and Ted Kopple lost his son, I feel so sorry for the families they left behind and hope they can go on with their lives.


Well today we had my belated birthday party and it was loud as usual. Melinda called and said since her van was broken down her Mom was going to have to bring her so was it OK if she came to the party and of course I said yes. I know the kids like having her included and Natalie even told me so. There was a lot of laughing and joking and eating. Jennifer made the Spaghetti and Vernon made soup and pork. All the food was good. We played Wii bowling and Mila did a lot better than I would have thought she could do. Mama was the first to leave as usual, she does not like to be out after dark. Its hard to believe she is 83 years old, I hope I age as well. I got a couple of Home Depot gift cards and I can always use them.

Vernon & Jeremy

Mila swinging


Mila upside down

My BD cake

Natalie, Jennifer, Melinda and little Reagan

Austin, Chelsea and Mila

Reagan & Melinda

out back


blowing the candles out

goofy Austin

Melinda & Jeremy

Melinda & Natalie


Natalie & Mila

Mickey Dickey Doodle Do

Jennifer & Lisa

Mila & Jesse

My Suzuki

Barbara & Mama

Random thoughts

It is now 20 minutes to four in the morning and I just got in bed. I was downstairs just flipping through the channels and I saw the program “THE LOCATOR” so I started watching it and it really draws you in. It seems as I get older that it is harder to hold in emotions and that show is really a tear jerker. I don’t think it would be a good first date thing to do,lol. I have gotten much softer as I have gotten older, I don’t have that edge anymore that might make you an asshole sometimes but makes you a little more exciting,lol.  It would be nice to find someone to hang out with and let them adore me,lololol.

I went to my buddy Mike’s house this evening and hung out with him and his brother. We laughed a lot, it was fun. He lives in Prince George so I rode my bike and it was nice riding for a little while. Grandson Austin stayed with me Wednesday night and we played Wii for a little while. I beat him in bowling but he kicked my ass in everything else we did. His reflexes are just so much better than mine. We take that for granted at 16.
The house is looking good upstairs since putting in laminate flooring and only have one more room upstairs to do. It was nice having my son in law Vernon and foster grandson Jeremy over here working and laughing.  Jeremy also got up all the sticks in the yard and cut my leaves up with the lawn mower.  They were both a whole lot of help and I really appreciate it.  There are not very many people in our lives that do so much for you.
I would like to get a date and go on a bike ride to some park to hike and take pics. Been a long time since I did anything like that and with the weather turning it is about time to get off my gorgeous butt and do something,hahahah.
Have to go back to work this evening and through the weekend and I think Mike is taking off Saturday and Sunday again so I will be busier.

new bathroom floor

My best friend Mickey

new floor bathroom

bedroom floor

another view

Vernon working

work in progress

Vern and Jeremy


Meme & Reagan

Mila reading

Mila in pretty dress

It is April Fool’s Day at about 1:30 in the morning. I did not work last night and tonight because I had the last of my four periodontal surgeries, YIPPEE!!!! I got real sore last night about 8 PM and went to Walgreen’s to get my Percodan prescription filled, that stuff really works and I slept good too.
I bought laminate flooring for my bedroom, bath and hallway and I am going to get Vernon my son in law over to put that in for me, I will help and be the gofer. I also will paint my bedroom before I put the floor in. I have done a lot of work lately around here and it really makes you feel good when a project really comes together nice.
I am on the sofa right now and my dog Mickey is laying on his back up here snoring,lol. He did not used to snore.
I have been playing my Wii lately and it is fun, especially when someone else is here to play. I have had it for a long time and just let it sit. You can really work up a sweat when playing games on it.
My foster grandson stayed over here weekend before last and we had fun. We played pool, Wii and took my bike and rode to my friend JoEllen’s and went out to eat at Arby’s with her. She lives in Glen Allan so it was a nice ride from here. Jeremy is really funny and jokes all the time. I have not seen Jennifer or Natalie lately, I have talked to them on the phone. Jennifer is dating someone new so I guess he is more important than poor old Dad,lol. She says Austin likes him a whole lot and that is a good thing. Well, I guess that’s all for now.

Mickey yawning

Mickey needs a haircut


Jeremy, Mila & Reagan



Mila and Jessey

Reagan & Jessey

March Madness

We had a birthday party this past Sunday for Melinda’s 32nd year and Will’s 27th or 28th, not sure. It was nice to have the loud group over again. As the family gets bigger the Parties become more numerous.
My sleep this weekend was really sporadic and ended up more at night than the daytime again. I missed the whole day today since I could not go to sleep until after 9 this morning. I will be up all night tonight and will finish washing clothes and painting my bathroom vanity cabinet. It used to be that owning a home was a really good thing to do but now I not so sure. After you pay upkeep, insurance and taxes I wonder if owning is really better than renting. If you put the money in saving instead of continually spending on a house would it pile up better than the equity in a home now? I don’t really know but I did read an article not long ago that stated you would end up with more money. I will probably die poor anyway, I believe a good saver actually does less and dies with more and what good is that? My Dad died at 67 cheated out of a retirement so I don’t take it for granted that I will enjoy one myself, hope I do but there is no guarantee.
I read the shortest man in the world died, he was only 21 and his name was Pingping. He was a cute little fellow and I saw he on TV once and he seemed to enjoy his life. Looked funny to see someone that small smoking though.
Melinda called me earlier and told me the big dog they got recently bit Vernon bad enough to go to the hospital to get sewed up. The dog is a South African Mastiff and is one big muther. He would growl at me if he was barricaded in the kitchen but would not if he was in the kitchen. Vernon said he got out and when he did not run back into the house he grabbed him by the collar and that’s when he started biting him on the arms. Time for that dog to go before one of the kids gets eaten.
Well, this has been a good weekend, Mickey did not piss on my refrigerator.

Birthday party

My three girls

My girls and myself

Vernon and Reagan

Baby doll Reagan


Jennifer in Red

The Bunch

The Gang

Austin and his girlfriend

My Mom Anne

Vernon, Melinda and Natalie

Main man Mickey


Well, not a lot has happened lately really. I have spent most of my time off lately working around the house. I remodeled the bathroom in my bedroom and it looks really nice but I still need to replace the floor. I will do that when I put floor in bedroom, I am planning on putting a laminate wood floor in both rooms. I have not been seeing much of my girls lately, I guess they are busy with their own lives. We will get together in the next week for Melinda’s birthday, she will be 32. I will try to remember to add pics after the birthday party. The sun finally came out today but the wind blowing made it cold. I really did not see much of it cause I slept all day. I could not sleep much last night and when daytime came I fell into a good sleep. This night work does screw up my time off. I have not eaten today so I will have to cut this short today.


I was surprised that we have gotten another big snowfall in such a short time since the last one. We have had mild winters for a lot of years and I hope this is just an anomaly. I had to work last night when it was snowing and I was exhausted when I got home, working in the snow is really rough for us that are not used to it. I am off till Wednesday and I hope most of it is gone by then. It is beautiful as long as you can stay home and just look at it.

I am worried about my grandson Austin as it seems he does not care about school. How can someone 16 years old in this world not realize how important education is now. Picking the wrong road can make life a long struggle and not as fun or rewarding as it could be. Why are some kids born and always do the right things and others do just the opposite? It’s not that he was not always reminded how important it was to do well and its not like he is ignorant, just wrong in though.I have been working around the house a lot lately, fixed up the spare room by painting, new light fixture, wood laminate flooring and new electrical receptacles and covers. Vernon my son in law laid the floor for me. He might not be such a bad guy after all,lol.

I have a futon coming to put in that room so I can use it as an office/guest/ TV room. I will feel better about my granddaughter Mila staying here upstairs rather than downstairs on sofa when I am in bed. I need to get in the garage and clean it out, it is a disaster now. I don’t know how it gets that way,lol. I hung a new TV in my bedroom and I was surprised that it was really not hard at all to hang. It was harder to run the cords down through walls and under carpet to make it look nice.

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