I am a single guy that lives in Virginia.  I am a state licensed waste water treatment operator for a county near Richmond Virginia.  I have been married three time so I guess I have struck out in the love department or I just know how to pick em,lol.  I am a consertive politically but not far right.  I read a lot of news and the stupidity of the American people continue to amaze me over and over.  How about this week when PETA said they wished the President did not swat a fly and that they would send him a contraption to catch and release a fly next time,lol.  That is just sooooo funny.  I worry what kind of country my children and grandchildren will have in the future and how in the world they will be able to pay for all this debt our congress and president have gotten us into.  I have ten years before I will probably retire and hope they don’t mess up social security or medicare anytime soon.  I have been to England and I want no part of their socialistic society.  Gas prices are outragous there and you have to go to doctors and hospitals that the government picks for you.  The Government screws up just about everything they get involved in so I certainly don’t want them running my health care.  How about saving a lot of money by only giving SS disability to those that are really disabled, it seems lawyers could get SS disabibilty for a family dog.  I also have a hard time understanding the thinking of people from a lot of countries, do you read about the guy that cut his penis off because his father would not let him marry the woman he wanted to marry.  Well, they could not reattach it,lol.  I guess he really showed his Dad a thing or two.  I wonder if he thought all this out?