Up all night again

I am just up watching movies and washing clothes. I was supposed to be off tomorrow night but got called so will work tomorrow night. I actually need to time away from there but the money always comes in handy to buy stuff. Am I the only one that buys stuff when I am down. I go online and don’t know why but I get some satisfaction when I purchase something for me or my kids. Things around here are just so quiet, I was so tired of quiet that I went to Melinda’s house this evening and you get a good dose of loud over there,lol. Her kids run around everywhere and she has such great dogs, except the little chihuahua that hates me. The bad thing is I gave Melinda the money to buy that little bastard,lol. I tried to get Jennifer to come over and fix me dinner but she was too busy for her Dad, she wanted to clean her house. How do ya like that, she would rather clean house than spend time with me. In her defense though Austin’s girlfriend just moved out and the room was a disaster that they had been sharing. Have not heard from Natalie this week. I had a bad week at work, my work partner was pissed at me all week and gave me the silent treatment. I call it moping actually. Just because I did not agree with him on some work chores. He is going to day work soon and Darren and I am really tired of his behavior lately. Well, that’s about all for this week, pretty boring huh?


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