I went out with a woman the other night that was actually just shopping for a husband. She had a lot of questions about thing like do you own your own house, what you do for a living, where you would be willing to move ect. It was like she was shopping for the best deal. Shame really because she was really a small and very attractive woman. She also tried to act tough, she was from the country around Bristol and it showed in her the way she talked. I see so many people and they have someone they love and they seem to be happy and that is the only thing I am missing in my life now. I miss the closeness two people can have when they really care for each other and I really don’t know if I am going to find that again the way my dating life has been going the last few years. Its funny really because I am a much better person now than I have ever been in my life and I have a hard time finding women I am attracted to and also “click’ with. I guess I would have better luck if i went out more but I really don’t like hanging around bars and places like that anymore but online might not be the best place to find sane people,lol. They are a lot of damaged people out there that judge you by their prior relationships and they don’t trust people. Here is a announcement girls: WE DON’T ALL LIE OR CHEAT!!!!
I took my Mom to the hospital yesterday to get a couple of scans of her kidneys and we were there from 12:30 in the afternoon to about 6 in the evening, why do days seem 5 times longer in a hospital? I don’t think she is trying really hard to be well, she sits too much and uses a walker to go to the bathroom and I think she could work her muscles more to get better and not sit on the sofa all day. Too many times older people stop moving much and things just get worse and she has always been a very strong person. I know I can’t know for sure how strong or weak she is so I could be wrong about how hard she is trying. I love her and don’t want her to let herself go when I think she has a lot of life left in her.
Well, the elections were Tuesday and the voters have pretty much let this administration know they are not satisfied with the status quo. I am kinda glad the Republicans did not win both houses because whenever one party wins both houses they drift too far toward the fringes and they have too much power and refuse to talk the other half into consideration and don’t compromise on most issues. Of course now we could have gridlock where noting is done about anything because nothing can pass both houses of congress. I am not crazy about that but it is better than to just keep on throwing money away on huge programs that you don’t even read before you pass that were written by bureaucrats that could have their own agenda. I don’t mind helping the real poor citizens that are that way by no fault of their own by disabilities or down on their luck for a short period of time but have no desire to have tax money take care of people from cradle to grave when they are able to work. Why should we give money to alcoholics and drug addicts when that is something you have a choice whether to do or not. In my opinion it is not like other diseases because you don’t have to indulge in it. Commercials have been trying to brainwash us into believing this is like any other disease but that is just bull, you can get treatment and not do this so that makes it a choice. We take care of way too many people with disability from Social Security, a lot of this has come about when lawyers were allowed to advertise and tell people that they can get them what they “deserve”.



  1. A C said,

    November 27, 2010 at 1:47 am

    dating- I understand what you mean by the dating stuff.I have found the same things in dating.
    Your Mom- Mothers are so special! I lost my parent s over 20 years ago.
    My mother died of cancer. So I know what you mean about the hospital visits being very long . Your Mother is still fighting, Just be there for her as
    long as she needs you. Be supportive and loving. That’s all you can do for now.I remeber taking my mom to the doctor and hospital many times . The waiting in the lobby takes forever, Taking a nap judt didn’t make the time fly by.I think the hardest thing for me was to hear my mother cry in pain.
    We cried alot together the last few months of her life. The kemo was painful and degrating as I watched her get sicker and knowing I had to prepare myself for letting go. Your Mom will let you know when enough is enough. From reading your blog sounds like she is still very strong,Be thankful and blessed for every moment you have with her, Once my mom passed it took me 7 years to be able to move on. I read in one of your blogs about not being very religious……Having sick loved ones make you think alot about your life- death- the future. believing in God and heaven will get you through the hard times.I do believe God and his healing power.
    I have seen the healing he can do. I am a believer. I also believe that when someone is taken from us it is all apart of the big plan and we will see them again one day if we believe. I am not a JESUS nut and I don’t really ever talk religion. I was married twice and my first marriage was to a preacher. It lasted 1.5 years of hell on earth.
    I’ll tell you what really makes me mad is these peopple living in section 8 housing and defrauding the goverment and our tax dollars. I deal with this in my job and it makes me mad as Hell. I catch alot of people doing fraud. I get to be the bad guy to them and help the tax payers at the same time.

  2. Jeanette said,

    October 24, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    Happy Autumn 2011.

    I followed you here from POF.

    Problem with dating sites is they are so 2-dimensional. It simply reinforces a man’s initial “visual” choices, and keeps a woman limited to “successful” men. Even as I try to give a more 3-dimensional view of myself, I am either “hit” on by young guys, or sent emails by men in their 70s who want a woman around in the house with them. I’m not attempting to denigrate either, but my desires rest between the two

    Then the “first meeting,” or “first date.” I still do not understand why this is conducted by people in their 50s and 60s as if it was high school. He paying for the dinner, or whatever, with attempts as casual flirtation. You would think at this age we would simply tell one another what our actual life is like, and why we are looking for companionship. Instead, it seems like a facade, or an interview for a job. It’s kind of a “let’s see if you turn me on,” kind of thing instead of a “let’s see if we can offer each other some realistic companionship.”

    I looked at your blog. You are simply a nice man, with intelligent perspective, a good Dad, and who likes a nice home. Now, if you said this on a dating site it would probably get a nod. But your blog says so much more about you. So perhaps this might be a million dollar ticket for the money-driven in fantasy love land: Create a free dating site that simply points viewers to read blogs such as yours. Then again, how many people would be willing to present themselves authentically??

    Most men find me off-beat, and eccentric. When actually I live much as anyone else does, yet when I have time to pursue my interests they are as specific as anyone else’s. With a blog I could present myself more realistically. I like what you have done here. May do it myself.

    BTW, your political views concur with mine. I’ll add: A great deal of apathy permeates the country right now, I feel, due to fear. I must admit I am no longer politically publicly outspoken for fear of what might happen if I did. So I keep my views to private conversation.


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