End of October

This past month has been a bit rough as my Mom which I love dearly has been sick and was in the hospital for 10 days. She is home now but not well yet, she is better but it looks like she may have to have a kidney removed. My poor sister laura really has it rough cause she has my Mom there plus her hubby Gary also has been ailing since he had his stomach removed because of cancer. I help take Mom to appointments when I can cause I don’t want her to have to do it all but I really appreciate what a good person she is and always has been. Mom and Gary are very fortunate to have her there with them.
I went to Bogart’s last night for dinner and it was pretty good actually but the Jazz was not going to start for an hour after I finished dinner so I did not get to hear any, bummer.
My daughter Melinda’s little chihuahua got hit by a car and died and she called me up crying. I feel really bad for her even if the dog did hate me for some reason. I don’t think she loved anyone but Melinda.
When you parents are sick if does make you think more about getting sick and dying. I really should write out a will so the kids can just take whatever I have without worrying about probate. I have had a good life I guess, not perfect but I was lucky enough to have great parents and family. My girls all love me so life can never be real bad. I wish I did not have to work on Halloween so I could see the kids all dressed up. I called up a new girl tonight but did not talk but a minute or so cause she was at some Halloween function so I am going to call her tomorrow night at work. She sounded nice. My daughter and my friend Pat are still together and I never thought that was gonna keep going,lol. I hope it lasts for them cause I like Pat a lot and I know he loves Jennifer.
I went over to Melinda’s yesterday so I have a few pics from there I took of kids and animals, she has rats now too,lol. I also have some of Dave here at home and the three dogs here.
Well we vote when I get off of work Tuesday morning, I am supposed to get a flu shot too that morning but that depends on how tired I am. I will definitely vote.


Mila’s Birthday

I went to Mila’s birthday party yesterday and as usual it is nice to see my daughters and their loved ones. We watched the Redskin game too and I was glad to see the skins win. Mila was a cutie in a blue wig,lol. We had it at my x Barbara’s apartment and we had chicken tenders, pizza, tater tots and other things I cannot remember so I stuff myself,lol. Mila was very happy, I get her a pillow pet penguin that Jennifer told me she wanted and she loved it. I will put some pics of this day and some of the dogs at home too.