Well I am up and its only a little after noon,lol. I don’t know what I am going to do today yet but I need to eat soon. I bought a pic online from my KD trip a couple of weeks ago so I will include that on here. I took Mickey in to have a haircut, shampoo and to get his nails cut and he looks like a new dog now. I almost got caught in the rain when I was out on my Suzuki yesterday evening. I drove to Prince George to see my friend Mike and it rained a little while after I got there and I waited it out before I went home but it looked like it could rain any minute on my way home. Pretty broke this week since paying my house and car taxes this past Monday, I hate taxes. I hear our president asked congress for another 50 billion dollars to give to the states and localities, this guy just does not understand that you just cannot spend your way out of trouble. We have no money and our future is already in trouble from all this crazy spending. This has to stop and if congress does not tell him no then they should be replaced as soon as we get the chance. The tax increases in the future are going to be enormous and if he passes the cap and trade our utilities will follow suit. How much more damage will he do before 2012? Well, enough politics. Austin came by and then asked for money so I am hoping to get my grass cut,lol. That’s all for now.

Fun at KD

new haircut

new haircut 2

new haircut 3

new haircut 4



I went to King’s Dominion on Friday with my oldest daughter Jennifer and my granddaughter Mila. My grandson Austin and his girlfriend Chelsey met us there too. I rode a bunch of things but by far the most fun were the Intimidator and the Drop Zone. I screamed all the way down the drop zone and the huge hill on the Intimidator. I mean those things are very high and very very fast. I got fuzzy the second time I rode the Intimidator, thought I was going out.

I rode my bike over to my Mom’s house this evening and got caught in the rain for a few minutes, felt like little needles hitting my arms. I have not ridden the bike much this year yet, too much cloudy weather. I cut the grass today but with this rain the weeds will be coming up fast again.

This week we lost Art Linkletter, Dennis Hopper, Gary Coleman and Ted Kopple lost his son, I feel so sorry for the families they left behind and hope they can go on with their lives.