Well today we had my belated birthday party and it was loud as usual. Melinda called and said since her van was broken down her Mom was going to have to bring her so was it OK if she came to the party and of course I said yes. I know the kids like having her included and Natalie even told me so. There was a lot of laughing and joking and eating. Jennifer made the Spaghetti and Vernon made soup and pork. All the food was good. We played Wii bowling and Mila did a lot better than I would have thought she could do. Mama was the first to leave as usual, she does not like to be out after dark. Its hard to believe she is 83 years old, I hope I age as well. I got a couple of Home Depot gift cards and I can always use them.

Vernon & Jeremy

Mila swinging


Mila upside down

My BD cake

Natalie, Jennifer, Melinda and little Reagan

Austin, Chelsea and Mila

Reagan & Melinda

out back


blowing the candles out

goofy Austin

Melinda & Jeremy

Melinda & Natalie


Natalie & Mila

Mickey Dickey Doodle Do

Jennifer & Lisa

Mila & Jesse

My Suzuki

Barbara & Mama