Random thoughts

It is now 20 minutes to four in the morning and I just got in bed. I was downstairs just flipping through the channels and I saw the program “THE LOCATOR” so I started watching it and it really draws you in. It seems as I get older that it is harder to hold in emotions and that show is really a tear jerker. I don’t think it would be a good first date thing to do,lol. I have gotten much softer as I have gotten older, I don’t have that edge anymore that might make you an asshole sometimes but makes you a little more exciting,lol.  It would be nice to find someone to hang out with and let them adore me,lololol.

I went to my buddy Mike’s house this evening and hung out with him and his brother. We laughed a lot, it was fun. He lives in Prince George so I rode my bike and it was nice riding for a little while. Grandson Austin stayed with me Wednesday night and we played Wii for a little while. I beat him in bowling but he kicked my ass in everything else we did. His reflexes are just so much better than mine. We take that for granted at 16.
The house is looking good upstairs since putting in laminate flooring and only have one more room upstairs to do. It was nice having my son in law Vernon and foster grandson Jeremy over here working and laughing.  Jeremy also got up all the sticks in the yard and cut my leaves up with the lawn mower.  They were both a whole lot of help and I really appreciate it.  There are not very many people in our lives that do so much for you.
I would like to get a date and go on a bike ride to some park to hike and take pics. Been a long time since I did anything like that and with the weather turning it is about time to get off my gorgeous butt and do something,hahahah.
Have to go back to work this evening and through the weekend and I think Mike is taking off Saturday and Sunday again so I will be busier.

new bathroom floor

My best friend Mickey

new floor bathroom

bedroom floor

another view

Vernon working

work in progress

Vern and Jeremy


1 Comment

  1. Juanita White said,

    May 11, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Gorgeous butt? Where’s that picture? I have a gorgeous butt also – want to compare? LOL
    I have enjoyed reading about you and your family. You have a great life going there. Sounds a lot like mine. I love the picture of you – you look like a very nice person (I mean that in a good way) handsome too.
    I’ll be looking for your next blog.
    Take care – Juanita

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