Not much has been going on lately really. I went to see Avatar at the theater but it was crowded and my date and I had to sit in the second row and I really did not enjoy it because of that. They really should not put seats that close to the screen. It was a good movie and it costs 13.50 a ticket because it was 3D. Being so close made it almost impossible to enjoy 3D or no 3D. I had started seeing JoEllen again but as usual it did not work out very long.
I started working on my spare room this week. I took the old ceiling fan down, took out the base boards, filled holes in wall and painted the first coat of white. I am going to put a laminate floor in and probably a futon and TV. It is going to be a guest room / office.
I really hope the cowboys lose this week, I can’t stand them. Maybe one day the Redskins will be back on top.
Christmas was really nice even though I had to celebrate it 2 days late since I worked on Christmas and Natalie could not make it the next day. I always love it when the kids open their presents and really anytime we are all together.
I am cooking a steak right now with microwave side dishes, really hungry after that painting today,lol.
Well, that is all for now. Later fans.


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