Football Sunday

It has been a while since I have written anything here because there really has not been a lot to write about. Day before yesterday I picked my youngest, Natalie, up on my bike and she and I and her boyfriend Will went bowling. I was the best bad bowler,lol. We all suck but I sucked best with a high 133,lol. We went to my middle girl’s house, Melinda’s, after bowling and hung out there for a little while. Melinda’s house is always a very busy place with all the kids running around making noise. I wonder if my house was that loud when my girls were little? I am doing the fun job of washing clothes today and I am going to try to make myself wash Mickey today. I did wash my truck yesterday so the day was not completely wasted. Dave sold his truck this morning and I think he let it go way too cheap but at least it is gone. Dave now has his deceased brother’s truck, it was great of Danny’s wife to give Dave the truck Danny drove all the time. That truck means an awful lot to David. Well, the Redskin/Cowboy game is on now so I will watch that unless the cowboys beat us up too bad.