It is hard to believe it is already October, where the heck did the summer go? At least the sun came out this weekend, lately it was like were were living in England with all the clouds all the time. I took the bike out 2 or 3 times so I finally go to ride a little bit, I love the feel of the wind on me when I am riding but when it is cold that is a whole different story.
We had a birthday party for Mila and Jenny but Jenny and Austin got to arguing again and she left early. Mila had a great time and I gave her a printer and a bunch of ink cartridges so she can print all the fun things she can find online. She turned 9 on Saturday and she is a cutie. Love that red hair!!!
I road over to Melinda’s house today and just shot the bull with her and Vernon and watched and played with the kids and animals.
Dave and I watched the Green Bay vs. Minnesota game this past night, what a good game and love it that Brett Favre is still playing so well on the week of his 40th birthday. Love it when the older players still have it and he played a great game.
I felt really good this weekend, you ever have those times when you feel really good and you don’t know why, its like a feeling that something good is happening. I don’t know what it is but I wish I felt like that more often.
I fixed pork chops, microwave mashed potatoes and beans for Dave and I tonight and it was really good. Dave said he will spring for ribs this coming weekend. I go back to work this coming evening (Tuesday) and will be off Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I hope the weather is nice cause I am tired of hanging home so much.
Well, I need to go finish drying and folding clothes, what fun.

cutie pie Regan

cutie pie Regan


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