Well I guess its been a long time since I have written. My roommate’s twin brother, Danny, died 3 weeks ago and it was very sad and David continues to cry off and on. Danny was one of the good guys and straight as an arrow, makes no sense. A little blood clot after an operation and there goes your life. Hi wife Diane will be lonely and sad a long time and I really would hate to feel the pain she is going through. I got to see him 2 or 3 times this year and I am glad of that.
On a brighter note we had a birthday party for Melinda’s son this past Saturday afternoon. My three girls were all here. along with their kids and a few other people. I really like it when we are all here, I see less of them as the years go by. They have their own lives now and that’s a good thing. I still are alone and sometimes it seems like I will remain like this, it is so hard to find someone you are attracted to physically and mentally when you are not a young person. Dave, Austin and I went to a pier at Virginia Beach a couple of weeks ago, did not catch much but it was fun all the same.
Rode my bike to Charlottesville by myself a week or so ago and took the tour of Monticello. I had never been there and it was very interesting, hard to believe that you could not take pictures in the house. It was a beautiful and was very eerie to stand in the room that Thomas Jefferson died. What a great man he was.
Luck here lately was pretty crappy. First I had forgotten to get my car inspected and when ready to take it the battery was dead so had to buy a new one, then my lawnmower broke down and had to have that fixed, next my new TV had lines in it and I had to call Samsung and they replaced almost the whole set and not long after they left it did the same thing again, damn!!!!! Another thing, I have to stop watching romantic comedies, I get all teary eyed and it is embarrassing, lol.

Last but now at all least I want to remember on this day all the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001 and the lives lost since them in the two wars were are fighting.  Bless our fallen heroes.


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