3AM Saturday morning

I am up all night again so I though I would write a few words. Yesterday I went to my uncle Wayne’s house to shoot the bull for a couple of hours. He has this great big gun safe with about 16 rifles and 3 handguns and plenty of ammo in there so if anything bad comes down I am heading to his house,lol. Today I went to my Mom’s to spend a little time with her, we watched Fox News the whole time I was there. I rode my motorcycle there, I really have not done enough riding this year. I will include some pics in this blog of some pics taken this week. I was planning on going to a friend of Dave’s in Sussex that has the baby deer but we got canceled out, now I have nothing to do as usual,lol. I do have to do the exciting job of washing clothes. Austin is supposed to come over and cut my grass.  The pics are of my granddaughters Mila and Reagan, grandson Jessie and son in lawVernon.  The cat is Melinda’s and the squirrell is just a friend I saw sneaking up on my front porch.


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