As usual I did not turn my hours around when off for my 3 days. I just can’t seem to turn it around to sleep at night and be up in the daytime when off. I never thought I would get this used to being on night work,lol. I have not been on a date in a couple of weeks and have not done any looking lately. I find as you get older it gets harder to find someone and really harder to find someone that you want to be with. I get along great with my dog though,lol. I rode my Suzuki to my middle daughter’s house late yesterday and then went and picked up Austin and took him to my oldest daughter’s house in Dinwiddie. It was a nice ride and was not too cool even in the middle of the night with short sleeves. I am really worried about the energy and health care bills that congress is working on because I am sure it will add taxes or fees (same thing really) and living is going to cost a lot more in the future. I don’t understand how we got to the point that we are trying to turn ourselves into Europe, did we not leave that country because we did not like their way of thinking in the first place. We have had the best country and zillions have wanted to be here and risked their lives to get here. The people that voted in this administration will find it the future that they made a big mistake. I need to get my ass up, I went to sleep about 7:30 or 8:00 this morning and it is now about 3:30, I will be up all night again.


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  1. A C said,

    November 27, 2010 at 1:20 am

    Interesting thoughts….. I am not very religious but have a very strong spritual conection. I was rasied as a southern baptist. Southern Baptist’s are crazy as Hell! I ran away from the baptist BS and became begain my own religion. LOL

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