June Already

Well I have been mostly working overtime and working around the house when home. There is just so much to do around here lately. I hope to catch up one day,lol. The kitchen looks good now but still have a little floor to put down in hallway and laundry room. Since my grandson and his girlfriend and baby are living here there has been a lot more mess and I am training them the best I can to live clean in my house. Actually been pretty nice having the house alive again, don’t think I would want permanent though :-). I am going in to work tomorrow evening, one day early.

My Birthday Party

All my kids and grandchildren came for my birthday party and the house is once again alive as the noise level increases significantly.  I find as each year passes that I enjoy my kids even more.  It is interesting to see what they do and how they think.  In the pics you will see the house is in a state of construction inside.  The pic of us just from the waist down was taken by my granddaughter Mila because she was laughing.  The guy in the pic with my girls and myself is son in law Vernon.  Daughters are Jennifer, Melinda and Natalie.  Grandchildren are Austin(tall and skinny), Mila(redhead), Jessie(boy dark hair) and Reagan(ethnic).  Guy with Natalie is her boyfriend Will and Vernon is married to Melinda.


Up all night again

I am just up watching movies and washing clothes. I was supposed to be off tomorrow night but got called so will work tomorrow night. I actually need to time away from there but the money always comes in handy to buy stuff. Am I the only one that buys stuff when I am down. I go online and don’t know why but I get some satisfaction when I purchase something for me or my kids. Things around here are just so quiet, I was so tired of quiet that I went to Melinda’s house this evening and you get a good dose of loud over there,lol. Her kids run around everywhere and she has such great dogs, except the little chihuahua that hates me. The bad thing is I gave Melinda the money to buy that little bastard,lol. I tried to get Jennifer to come over and fix me dinner but she was too busy for her Dad, she wanted to clean her house. How do ya like that, she would rather clean house than spend time with me. In her defense though Austin’s girlfriend just moved out and the room was a disaster that they had been sharing. Have not heard from Natalie this week. I had a bad week at work, my work partner was pissed at me all week and gave me the silent treatment. I call it moping actually. Just because I did not agree with him on some work chores. He is going to day work soon and Darren and I am really tired of his behavior lately. Well, that’s about all for this week, pretty boring huh?

Been a long time

It has been a really long time since I have written anything on my blog so I thought at almost 2 in the morning it would be a good thing to fill in what has happened the past year and a few months. First of all the last 4 years or so have been a bit sad as I have lost Uncles, Aunts, friends, brother in law, coworker, Cousin and a friends x wife. That is 11 people in a little over 4 years. My brother in law Gary passes away a few months ago and it broke my sister’s heart, he was only 64. She has 2 broken feet now cause she was cleaning out her attic and fell through, a bad luck banner year for her. My mother is on chemo for ovarian cancer and has been off and on chemo for a year. She is doing well now but when she was in the hospital after the operation she suffered a bout of delirium and was completely crazy. One of the doctors even told my sister that this was the new normal but from everything I read online I knew she had a chance to snap back and snap back she did, right back to normal and maybe a little better than normal,lol. My niece’s husband Chris was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and a year later at 34 has been fighting this battle that also attacked his liver. He is such a healthy looking man and it is so unfair because he is a great guy and a wonderful husband and father. His children and wife will be devastated if he does not win this battle. They say with chemo he will have 3 years left and without it only a year. He is going to the University of NC this week to see if they can help. So you can see the type year that has surrounded my family and friends and maybe understand why I have only been on 1 or 2 dates the last year and a half. We had a surprise birthday party for my sister at her house last week and she was not expecting it at all, being laid up and have a bunch of people walking in singing happy birthday scared the hell out of her,lol. I stay up all night a lot by myself and watch a lot of Netflix, they have a lot of quirky movies and good documentaries. Christmas was nice, all the kids and grandkids were here and the house was really alive, it is usually quiet as a funeral home at midnight. I love to see my 3 daughters open gifts, they still love to open them and laugh at all the goofy things I buy,lol. I gave each of them a jigsaw puzzle of my face,lol. Well, I guess that is enough for now.

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I went out with a woman the other night that was actually just shopping for a husband. She had a lot of questions about thing like do you own your own house, what you do for a living, where you would be willing to move ect. It was like she was shopping for the best deal. Shame really because she was really a small and very attractive woman. She also tried to act tough, she was from the country around Bristol and it showed in her the way she talked. I see so many people and they have someone they love and they seem to be happy and that is the only thing I am missing in my life now. I miss the closeness two people can have when they really care for each other and I really don’t know if I am going to find that again the way my dating life has been going the last few years. Its funny really because I am a much better person now than I have ever been in my life and I have a hard time finding women I am attracted to and also “click’ with. I guess I would have better luck if i went out more but I really don’t like hanging around bars and places like that anymore but online might not be the best place to find sane people,lol. They are a lot of damaged people out there that judge you by their prior relationships and they don’t trust people. Here is a announcement girls: WE DON’T ALL LIE OR CHEAT!!!!
I took my Mom to the hospital yesterday to get a couple of scans of her kidneys and we were there from 12:30 in the afternoon to about 6 in the evening, why do days seem 5 times longer in a hospital? I don’t think she is trying really hard to be well, she sits too much and uses a walker to go to the bathroom and I think she could work her muscles more to get better and not sit on the sofa all day. Too many times older people stop moving much and things just get worse and she has always been a very strong person. I know I can’t know for sure how strong or weak she is so I could be wrong about how hard she is trying. I love her and don’t want her to let herself go when I think she has a lot of life left in her.
Well, the elections were Tuesday and the voters have pretty much let this administration know they are not satisfied with the status quo. I am kinda glad the Republicans did not win both houses because whenever one party wins both houses they drift too far toward the fringes and they have too much power and refuse to talk the other half into consideration and don’t compromise on most issues. Of course now we could have gridlock where noting is done about anything because nothing can pass both houses of congress. I am not crazy about that but it is better than to just keep on throwing money away on huge programs that you don’t even read before you pass that were written by bureaucrats that could have their own agenda. I don’t mind helping the real poor citizens that are that way by no fault of their own by disabilities or down on their luck for a short period of time but have no desire to have tax money take care of people from cradle to grave when they are able to work. Why should we give money to alcoholics and drug addicts when that is something you have a choice whether to do or not. In my opinion it is not like other diseases because you don’t have to indulge in it. Commercials have been trying to brainwash us into believing this is like any other disease but that is just bull, you can get treatment and not do this so that makes it a choice. We take care of way too many people with disability from Social Security, a lot of this has come about when lawyers were allowed to advertise and tell people that they can get them what they “deserve”.

End of October

This past month has been a bit rough as my Mom which I love dearly has been sick and was in the hospital for 10 days. She is home now but not well yet, she is better but it looks like she may have to have a kidney removed. My poor sister laura really has it rough cause she has my Mom there plus her hubby Gary also has been ailing since he had his stomach removed because of cancer. I help take Mom to appointments when I can cause I don’t want her to have to do it all but I really appreciate what a good person she is and always has been. Mom and Gary are very fortunate to have her there with them.
I went to Bogart’s last night for dinner and it was pretty good actually but the Jazz was not going to start for an hour after I finished dinner so I did not get to hear any, bummer.
My daughter Melinda’s little chihuahua got hit by a car and died and she called me up crying. I feel really bad for her even if the dog did hate me for some reason. I don’t think she loved anyone but Melinda.
When you parents are sick if does make you think more about getting sick and dying. I really should write out a will so the kids can just take whatever I have without worrying about probate. I have had a good life I guess, not perfect but I was lucky enough to have great parents and family. My girls all love me so life can never be real bad. I wish I did not have to work on Halloween so I could see the kids all dressed up. I called up a new girl tonight but did not talk but a minute or so cause she was at some Halloween function so I am going to call her tomorrow night at work. She sounded nice. My daughter and my friend Pat are still together and I never thought that was gonna keep going,lol. I hope it lasts for them cause I like Pat a lot and I know he loves Jennifer.
I went over to Melinda’s yesterday so I have a few pics from there I took of kids and animals, she has rats now too,lol. I also have some of Dave here at home and the three dogs here.
Well we vote when I get off of work Tuesday morning, I am supposed to get a flu shot too that morning but that depends on how tired I am. I will definitely vote.

Mila’s Birthday

I went to Mila’s birthday party yesterday and as usual it is nice to see my daughters and their loved ones. We watched the Redskin game too and I was glad to see the skins win. Mila was a cutie in a blue wig,lol. We had it at my x Barbara’s apartment and we had chicken tenders, pizza, tater tots and other things I cannot remember so I stuff myself,lol. Mila was very happy, I get her a pillow pet penguin that Jennifer told me she wanted and she loved it. I will put some pics of this day and some of the dogs at home too.

August weekend

My nine year old granddaughter Mila stayed with me again Friday night and she is great to have around. We were on the way to Walmart and I asked her if she wanted to get another of her favorite book series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She said YES!! and then said ” you are the best grandpa ever”. She is such a sweet girl and this Papa loves her very much.

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